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Mr Biver along with the customers of Depeche Manner © Hublot
It's always great to see big companies giving back and no one does it quite like luxury watch manufacturer Hublot. Lead by their charismatic CEO, Jean Claude-Biver, an industry legend in his own right well known for his generosity, the brand teamed up with rock 'n' roll superstars Depeche Manner to raise money for teenagers with cancer. And raise money they did, combining their efforts to generate over a staggering US$620,000! What's even more amazing is that they were able to raise this much money in the space of just a few short months!
Fighting For Good
Back in December 2009 Hublot and Depeche Mode pledged their support to the Teenage Cancer Trust which provides support services to teenagers with cancer in the areas of special care, research, family support and specialized diagnoses. A very worthy cause we are sure you will agree!
In order to maximize the amounts of funds raised, the two partners devised and executed a series of events which would prove to be hugely successful.
First, Hublot announced the creation of twelve exclusive boxes each containing twelve exclusive Big Bangs, designed in conjunction with Depeche Manner, rolex daytona watch with each one displaying one of the group's iconic album covers on the dial. As an added touch each box also included vinyl and digital versions of the album, a framed gold CD and signed photos. Amid much fanfare these unique pieces were then sold at a special auction that ran from the 6th to the 24th of February.
The special edition Depeche Mode Big Bangs © Hublot
It didn't stop there, however. A charity concert was hosted by the group on the 17th of February at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Fans from all around the globe flocked in to show their support, selling out the concert in just 40 minutes! Following the concert was a VIP reception hosted by Hublot where attendees could purchase raffle tickets for their chance to win a Big Bang Zirconium. Much like the concert tickets, these sold out in minutes.
All in all, this resulted in the two partners raising in excess of $US620,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust!
Hublot CEO, tissot automatic Jean-Claude Biver, was ecstatic using the outcome saying;
"This joint project has proven to be a tremendous success! The result is amazing and we are so proud to have been part of this historical charity event. Depeche Manner have committed themselves with such enthusiasm to this project! It has been a humbling experience to join them on this journey . They are fans of Hublot and I am proud to associate our brand with their music and for a cause as important as the Teenage Cancer Trust…when you are passionate and successful in what you do, you should share and give to those less fortunate! This is exactly what Depeche Method has done and I am proud that Hublot could help them achieve this. "
Jean-Claude Biver signing the cheque for over $US620,000 © Hublot
The Final Word
What more can be said, this is simply an amazing outcome! Two superstars have come together to combine their unique talents and leverage their global popularity to help raise not only funds but also awareness of those less fortunate or who are dealing with extremely difficult conditions rolex watches replica . This is an occasion to be applauded resoundingly and at the same time held up as an example to others.
Hopefully the incredible success Hublot and Depeche Method have achieved will inspire other luxury manufacturers around the world to take up the fight also, and pool their considerable resources towards  making a positive difference in the world.
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